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Stan, thanks for the nice product. I bolted it up and swept it in, all within 0.0005" even without having to shim the tail support!

Steve Barton ( Phoenix, Arizona )

A and M Manufacturing LLC - www.ammfgaz.com

Because of the trunnion table we’ve cut per-part cycle times in half while freeing our operators to handle more than one machine.

Modern Machine Shop( Cincinnati, OH )

Vertiflo Pump Company - www.vertiflopump.com

I recently purchased a small trunnion from you.....I would like to talk to you about purchasing a larger one.

Renco Machine( Green Bay, WI )

Renco Machine - www.rencomachine.com

We got the trunnion last week and I must say that it's much more robust than I expected. A very nice piece of tooling.

Northrop Grumman Corporation( Falls Church, VA )

Northrop Grumman - www.northropgrumman.com

Your trunnion is awesome!

KFS Industries( Atlanta, GA )

KFS Industries - www.kfsindustries.com

We are very pleased. It installed in our machine without any issues. Thanks for the follow-up and the great work!

M Schneider ( Worldwide )

Swagelok Company - www.swagelok.com

Everything is working well with it; so far I really like it. We got that zirc replaced and the first job we threw up there was some 17-4 parts to test out its strength. I was surprised at how sturdy it was; we were roughing and finishing heat treated blanks and it took it very well. You have a good thing going and after our number crunching people see the savings I am sure that won't be the only one we buy from you.

N McCollister( Corona, CA )

Millworx Precision Machining - millworxprecision.com

The trunnion tables square themselves up almost automatically. It’s really easy to set them up and they’re very solid and well-built.

Modern Machine Shop ( Cincinnati, OH )

Vertiflo Pump Company - www.vertiflopump.com

We feel we have the right machines processing the right parts, and it was all made possible by a $3,650 trunnion table.

Modern Machine Shop ( Cincinnati, OH )

Vertiflo Pump Company - www.vertiflopump.com

Now, we’re getting more parts in less time. Plus, the longer cycle time allows us to operate multiple machines at the same time, so we’ve also lowered manpower costs!

Modern Machine Shop ( Cincinnati, OH )

Vertiflo Pump Company - www.vertiflopump.com

We realized we could go with the large, four-axis capability on the EC 1600, get the mid-sized vertical with a trunnion table and have all our bases covered while saving a lot of money!

Modern Machine Shop ( Cincinnati, OH )

Vertiflo Pump Company - www.vertiflopump.com

We have been using your trunnion and sub plate for the last week and it works amazing. Thanks a lot for the time and effort.

J Lewis( Canonsburg, PA )

Design Technician - Universal Electric Corporation - www.uecorp.com

I want EVERY job running on a Trunnion!

Larry Robinson( Florence, KY )

Indelac Controls - www.indelac.com

I was surprised by the value offered by the Martin trunnion fixtures because they immediately improved our business for a very affordable investment".....J. Montague, Montague Tool & Manufacturing "Right out of the box, my trunnion table fixture bolted on to my mill with no problems and instantly made an impact on my operations. It really opened up my machining capabilities, and I'm looking forward to getting another one to increase capacity even further.

Chris Cosentino( Jersey City, NJ )

Cosentino Engineering - www.cosentinoengineering.com

We really enjoyed our visit the other day. The students are already working on mounting the tooling plate.

WKU Students( Bowling Green, KY )

Western Ky University - www.wku.edu