Martin Manufacturing Services’ Table Trunnion Fixture

Broadens Engineering Design Consulting Company’s Horizons

Based in Jersey City, New Jersey, Cosentino Engineering provides engineering design consulting services to a wide variety of clients that deal with everything from motorcycle manufacturing to advanced biomedical equipment distribution. To complement its engineering services, Cosentino also operates an in-house machine shop that’s used to create functional prototypes derived from clients’ visions and Cosentino-developed specs. And because Cosentino routinely machines intricate parts for products like motorcycle engines that rely on precision craftsmanship to ensure proper performance, quality equipment is crucial to the company’s success.

Company owner and founder, Chris Cosentino, says that the addition of a Martin Manufacturing Services (MMS) trunnion table fixture to his 3-axis mill gave him the ability to make parts to extremely tight tolerances that he “couldn’t otherwise have made.” According to Cosentino, not only did the MMS trunnion table fixture allow him to “make higher quality parts with superior surface finishes,” it enabled him to make more of them, more efficiently. “Right out of the box, my trunnion table fixture bolted on to my mill with no problems and instantly made an impact on my operations. It really opened up my machining capabilities, and I’m looking forward to getting another one to increase capacity even further.”

Cosentino is excited about the future he sees for his company with the expanded versatility and enhanced quality levels made possible by the addition of MMS trunnion table fixtures, especially in the development of the motorsports portion of his business which relies heavily on producing parts that require a delicate blend of precision, performance, and aesthetics.